Woo Hoo Managed to pick up the new avp releases yesterday, the hive continues to grow!

Posted by Lost Gamers on Saturday, 21 November 2015

Well as usual it's been far to long since I updated, so here is some pics off minitires I did for a comission , head on over to teh gallery here to take a look

Last Friday I managed to take part in one of the opening games of a Firestorm Caen event at Entoyment arranged by Adam from Breakthrough Assault .

I was pitched against Jacks American Armoured and I ended up using Panzer Lehr (grenadiers & tigers), we played on a very nice Bocage table and after a tense game I managed to snatch the objective in after destroying all of Jacks Shermans.

View the embedded image gallery online at:


Well been a little while since I updated the site but I have been incredibly busy painting the Russian Strelkovy horde I have been building.

Over the last few weeks I have painted well over 200 foot troops, based them and a load of Russian armour.

The following is a list of the top of my head 

  • 120mm mortar company
  • 6x ISU-122/ISU-152 thse have magnetized barrels
  • 6 x SU-76M
  • Maksim company plus extras for the strelkovy companies
  • 12 x 45mm obr 1942 at guns
  • 8 x 82mm mortar teams
  • 8 x 50mm mortar teams
  • Scout platoon 5 stands

All the above are fully completed and based so not to shabby.

I've also had a fair few games of Flames at the Entoyment Tuesday club night and am really enjoying the games over the recent weeks from mid war Germans vs Brits to the mega battle of 3500 ponts per side it's been a blast.


Well it's been a hectic couple of weeks, I have managed to sell some old flames of War models on Ebay and used the funds to buy some Bolt Action Germans, enough to field roughly 1500 points, these are nearly all painted with  just a puma and panther to complete and then finish basing all the infantry.

I have recently started attending the Tuesday games night run by the Poole Gaming Society at Entoyment (just round the corner from home which is fantastic), It's been great meeting some new fellow gamers and managing to try out Bolt Action thanks to Bob hosting a intro game and grabbing a couple of refresher games of Flames of War.

Not much to report on this week, I have mainly been sorting out my Flames of War Germans , only about 150 on the paint table!

Yup all done and based up just awaiting the glue and matte medium to dry fully then I will take some photos and post them up.

I'm really pleased with how they turned out, also used some different techniques on the bases all will be revealed tomorrow.

British Commandos

Not a bad few days work I managed to paint my British  Commando platoon, great little figures just have to base them up along with my SS assault rifle platoon.

No delivery from the post today so hopefully my buildings come Monday and I can then get a little review up

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Just treated myself to some new terrain from 4ground , hoping the following get to me by the weekend so I can put them together and provide a review

  • 15mm Fencing 15S-TAO-102
  • 15mm Scale Memorial/Statue 15S-TAO-109
  • 15mm Shop 3: Corner Grocers 15S-EAW-125
  • 15mm Semi Type 1 15S-EAW-104
  • 15mm Telegraph Poles 15S-EAW-A07


Everyone love a tiger, especially when they weigh 68 tonnes, I finished a commission this weekend of some Kingtigers, Gerbigsjaeger and Fallschirmjager.

Was really good fun painting the tanks as Chris (the client) wanted one in winter clothes and two random one so I couldn't resist painting up what I call octopus camo.

Wow it's been a long time since I updated the website but I have been increbibly busy over the last year with real life, just to sum up some things that have been going on.

  • Selling our flat and moving into a new house
  • Decorating our new home
  • Loosing my Mum to illness

So quite a few things been going in in real life this left me with little chance to do any sort of modelling or painting until recently, I have managed to cram in two comission on of which I a just finishing of and will post some images this coming weekend.

I did get in contact with a old fried Kingsley, out of the blue he esnt me a messag eon facebook and we got together and started playing warhammer fantasy roleplay agin with my Wendy, great fun has been ahd replaying the old WFRP campaign the enemy within, we also started to re-write the warhammer rules which has been working  really well.