Nearly forgot I received Arkham Horror the card game in the post on Monday, I have had a couple of games last weekend as Kingsley brought it over and we muddled through a couple on intro games, neither of us had really learnt the rules but we got by and managed to pick it up pretty easily.

Can't wait to have a proper look through the cards and start to build my investigator deck for future games.


Another gaming session with Poole Gamin Society, this week saw four rounds of a Game of Thrones LGC, Two against Matt and Two against Kingsley.

First game was using my quickly created Tyrell knights deck, based upon massive economy leading into a huge power grab with knights, against Matts Martel/Lannister deck it performed a sterling job with me having to much gold at one point, I managed to swing a win on a turn using tourney for the king to load up power on a shed load of knights.

Second game was my work in progress Lannister deck against the same Martell/Lannister, I started pretty well just being shy of 1 gold to marshal the mountain and Tyrion turn one! Unfortunately, it all went downhill when Tyene turned up and went on her customary poisoning and getting stuffed over on a massive power grab using Doran's game, still a fun game and Matt played well.

Game three was my Tyrell knights against Kingsley new Lannister deck, to gut a long story short I started to flood the board with warm bodies and Kignsley’s couldn’t muster enough to put up a decent enough defence.

Game four was Knights again versus Kingsley's Night Watch defence deck, first turn plots was interesting, Trading with the Pentoshi for Kingsley and Summer Harvest for me, this left me with 19 gold in my pool and I was able to get all the big guns on the table, from here onwards I was able to control the game as the poor old Watch never saw the wall or the old bear putting them at a massive disadvantage, another win for me but this was a lot to do with Kingsley's poor luck on card draw each round.



This weeks gaming session with Poole Gaming Society was a monster game of Eldritch Horror.

At the start we had nine players, one more than is normally allowed but due to our losing strek we weren't to bothered, the old one selected was Hastur which we have defeated before.

Things started of pretty well after a few turns we had kept gates under control gather a few nice items and had made great progress towards the first mystery, then Ghatanothoa popped up on an island in the pacific.

I finally got round to painting some of my armada fighters, just some rough WIP shots so far of an A-wing sqaudron and a Lamda shuttle.

View the embedded image gallery online at:

Tuesday Night Gaming again with Game of Thrones being on the agenda against my regular opponent Kingley.

We had a few games, some with my existing martel deck and some with a test Lannister clansmen deck.

Happy new year to you all !

Wow I have been so lazy in not updating the site, I've been busy playing laods of differing games since the last update mainly Game of Thrones the card game, but also Eldritch Horror, Mansions of Madness and Star Wars Armada.

I also attend Poole Gaming Society tuesday night game nights at Entoyment, this has been great meeting a load of new gamers and trying out differing systems.

Well as usual it's been far to long since I updated, so here is some pics off miniatures I completed for a comission , head on over to the gallery here to take a look

Last Friday I managed to take part in one of the opening games of a Firestorm Caen event at Entoyment arranged by Adam from Breakthrough Assault .

I was pitched against Jacks American Armoured and I ended up using Panzer Lehr (grenadiers & tigers), we played on a very nice Bocage table and after a tense game I managed to snatch the objective in after destroying all of Jacks Shermans.

View the embedded image gallery online at:


Well been a little while since I updated the site but I have been incredibly busy painting the Russian Strelkovy horde I have been building.

Over the last few weeks I have painted well over 200 foot troops, based them and a load of Russian armour.

The following is a list of the top of my head 

  • 120mm mortar company
  • 6x ISU-122/ISU-152 thse have magnetized barrels
  • 6 x SU-76M
  • Maksim company plus extras for the strelkovy companies
  • 12 x 45mm obr 1942 at guns
  • 8 x 82mm mortar teams
  • 8 x 50mm mortar teams
  • Scout platoon 5 stands

All the above are fully completed and based so not to shabby.

I've also had a fair few games of Flames at the Entoyment Tuesday club night and am really enjoying the games over the recent weeks from mid war Germans vs Brits to the mega battle of 3500 ponts per side it's been a blast.


Well it's been a hectic couple of weeks, I have managed to sell some old flames of War models on Ebay and used the funds to buy some Bolt Action Germans, enough to field roughly 1500 points, these are nearly all painted with just a puma and panther to complete and then finish basing all the infantry.

I have recently started attending the Tuesday games night run by the Poole Gaming Society at Entoyment (just round the corner from home which is fantastic), It's been great meeting some new fellow gamers and managing to try out Bolt Action thanks to Bob hosting an intro game and grabbing a couple of refresher games of Flames of War.