Discontinued project to build my Legion of Angels space marines

Well this is my long term modelling project to build and paint all my marines from my homebrew Legion of Angels chapter.
I have a fair amount of "classic" marines along with some of the new style plastics and at last guess it amounted to me having to strip, build and paint a whole lot of models, still we all need a hobby!

The chapter symbol is a winged skull which I've used resin casts to give all my marines 3d effect shoulder pads as I don't like applying decals on rounds shoulder pads (it sucks big time!).

I recently picked up the space marine battle company, of which I will be building nearly all the special/heavy weapons from this and using some of my existing marines so that I have full flexibility in weapon fits but can still field a whole company for apocalypse style games.

The following is a rough list of what I have to complete.

10 man veteran marine squad using assault marine as the base
3 marine commanders - 2 plastic,1 metal the two plastics will be heavily converted
librarians/chaplains - got some old style metal ones that need repainting
2 metal and 1 forgeworld venerable dread (all the dreads will have magnetic arms to allow different weapon fits)
command squad with razorback
6 10 man tactical squads with rhinos
2 10 man devastator squads with rhinos
2 10 man assault squads
spare razorback with FW multi melta can be switched out to a whirlwind as needed
land raider
land raider crusader
terminator captain and around 15 old style metal termies
3 bikes
15 assorted metal scouts
1 old style metal vindicator
1 attack bike
2 land speeders
5 bikes
assorted old all metal techmarines

The complete list is as follows
2 rhinos
1 tactical squad
1 razorback
1 metal captain
1 command squad (less apothecary)

Click the images for larger versions.