Tuesday night gaming session playing Eldritch Horror at Entoyment.

 overhaul time

Jeez it has been a long time since i regularly updated this site but I am going to try my hardest to keep it fresh this time.

the wall

Well happy new year to everyone.

First gaming session of the year and was a fun Game of Thrones melee game down at entoyment.

house of thornes

Wow it's been a while so apologies for not up[dating time flies when you having fun!

Last few weeks A Game of Thrones card game has been the main source of gamin fun, I've been messing about with a new Tyrell deck based on ladies.

 balon greyjoy

I had to miss last weeks games due to feeling ill but got to go to PGS this week for some Game of Thrones fun aiming to try out some of my new decks I had been working on, time to see if King Balon is actually any good.