Outlander Series

This series completely slipped pass me until a friend recommended it

More storage for the server required, Ironwolf to the rescue.

The final episode of Thrones hit our screens on Sunday finishing of the epic saga (Warning spoilers ahead)

Hard drives are getting full time for an upgrade to the trusty old Plex server, but the cost of drives are high at the moment what other options do I have?


Episode 5 hit with the siege of Kings Landing, was it worth the wait ? (Warning spoilers ahead

Ridley Scott's classic 1979 sci-fi horror is now available in 4k, that's this weekend's movie viewing sorted.

So could they reverse Thanos snap, where was Hawkeye and what was Antman doing in the quantum realm?

The forgotten age

Tuesday at Entoyment saw us continuing our Arkham Horror forgotten age campaign.

Tuesday night was spent at Enoyment playing in our ongoing Warhammer fantasy campaign

Battlefield V firestorm

The Firestorm update hit on Monday and I've played a few rounds