The forgotten age

Tuesday at Entoyment saw us continuing our Arkham Horror forgotten age campaign.

The second scenario "The Doom of Eztli" was played.

Tuesday night was spent at Enoyment playing in our ongoing Warhammer fantasy campaign

Unfortunately we had some people drop out last minute which left us with two only players.

Battlefield V firestorm

The Firestorm update hit on Monday and I've played a few rounds

I've mixed feelings on this new mode.

HDFury vertex

4k and HDR on my kit was a point until I got a Vertex.

It's an amazing piece of AV hardware and save me buyimg a brand new A/V amp.

That's right I joined the console boys!

And I'm having a blast but with a few snags along the way.

Wow first time down at entoyment since last year with the usual suspects.

We continued with our Arkham Horror Campaign.

Hi folks sorry it's been a couple of weeks since my last update.

I've been so busy with the Christmas season upon us, parties, work and a trip to Brugge gobble up time.

Darth Vader

More Ansel screenshots.

This Nvidia progam really is the business for taking awesome screenshots

The King in Yellow

Tuesday night at Entoyment it's the13th so what a great date date to play Arkham Horror on.

GW did a switch-a-roony.