• 9 pioneer teams for the HQ
  • 7 MG teams and SMG command teams for a smg platoon
  • 4 SMG scouts and command team
  • 12 45mm anti tank guns for various platoons
  • 4 Zis-3 anti tank guns
  • 8 rifle teams and 4 SMG teams so I can field two full strelkovy companies for mid war (they get 9 stands of infantry rather then 7 in late war)
  • 4 SU-76 assault guns
  • 1 ISU-122/ISU-152 just awaiting magnets so I can swap the gun barrel

All told not a bad weeks building.

I also managed to build a entire forest (well nearly as I need to finish the bases and seal the trees with varnish) this gives me heaps of coniferous trees to compliment my deciduous once already finished.

Also got some building from www.4ground.co.uk , namely a Russian village and church, great models they fit together wonderfully, jsut have to paint the church and add some washes and general grime to the hovels, pictures coming soon!


  • Click to enlarge image forest.jpg