Things started of pretty well after a few turns we had kept gates under control gather a few nice items and had made great progress towards the first mystery, then Ghatanothoa popped up on an island in the pacific.

We managed to dispatch him (only losing one player) in the process then carried on and cleared the first mystery, the next and final mystery was to stop a play from taking place in London, some of us headed of there while others kept the gates under control, at this point three of us had picked up Dark Pacts (never good as they can kill players in Eldritch Horror) so the race was one, luckily Bob had picked up a promise of power and we waited eagerly for this to trigger.

A couple more turns saw us manage to place three out of eight counters on the mystery we needed to solve, then a reckoning took place, no one triggered a dark pact and it moved over to Bob to see if his Promise of Power would trigger, with baited breadth he rolled and it went triggered, flipping the card the effect was to solve teh active mystery, BOOM! game over on the roll of a die!

It was a fun evening and a mammoth four hour game but strike up a win for the investigators!

Promise of Power