Well happy new year to everyone.

First gaming session of the year and was a fun Game of Thrones melee game down at entoyment.

First game I used my Lannister, not much to say about this game but I didn't see any of the key parts of the deck get drawn so languised about with on Milked Cersei and a few random chuds, very disappointing!

Second game I used ym Nights Watch builder deck I had put together, it was a great fun game and I ended up with loads of builders out, ten locations including the iron throne (hehe dominance win!), the ability to through back nearly every challenge against me and Maester Aemon having some fun at the end of the challenge phase but the issue was I didn't see The Wall all game, several turns of drawing seven cards (ravens and counting copper) was really disappointing.

I finished the game on nine power so was pretty pleased with that, after we finished up I rifled through my remaining cards and it would have been another four turns before seeing the wall.