Battlefield V firestorm
[leading]The Firestorm update hit on Monday and I've played a few rounds[/leading]

I've mixed feelings on this new mode.

To to be honest I'm not that impressed, if you are unaware firestorm is a battle royale either in solo or squad mode (4 players) where you parachute into the map scavenge weapons then battle it out on a ever shrinking map.

I've had a few rounds and found the game mode to be pretty boring, in my experience most rounds you grab a weapon then spend 10 minutes running about seeing no one to then bump into another player and have a 50/50 chance of getting shot, then you sit the rest of the round out.

Not my idea of fun to run halfway across a map for one firefight, I would rather have had Dice spend the time they put into firestorm to add in more maps for the other game modes and more vehicles.