Stop outing Daenerys.

Episode 5 hit with the siege of Kings Landing, was it worth the wait ? (Warning spoilers ahead

Several long years have led up to the face of between the scheming Cersei and honourable Daenerys, her armies stood facing down the Lannister’s last hope the sell swords of the golden company.

I was really looking forward to this episode, but some things really bugged me on reflection.

Grey Worm, why on earth did he suddenly start killing the Red Cloaks when they had surrendered, yes I get he is upset about Missandel’s death but he is one of the character with the coolest of heads it just felt a little forced to be truly vengeance on his part and more of a crude nudge for the audience to support his actions.

Varys, poor old chap he’s been one of my favourite character through the series got shafted in this episode, he only revealed the truth and Daenerys pout paid to that, feeling a little out of sorts for my liking.

game of thrones varys

With Euron's fleet and King's Landing defences totally covered with Scorpion bolt throwers how on earth did they manage to do absolutely nothing, this should have made a dragon attack impossible, but they completely failed, barely getting about three shots of against the dragon before going up like kindling.

With Daenerys soloing the city why didn't she simply rush the Red Keep and destroy that, keeping innocent casualties to a minimum and taking out Cersei in the process. Yes, she knew that many civilians had been granted shelter there, but the actual towers of the keep seemed to only contain some Lannister’s and lackeys with the rabble in the surrounding area,

With King’s Landing in the palm of their had once Jon and company had burst through the gates and the bells ringing out in surrender why on earth did Daenerys suddenly go bonkers and decide to burn the city to the ground, all through the series she has constantly said she is not a tyrant and will not become the mad ruler her father was, so she gets a little hissy and decides to raze the city to the ground burning thousands of innocents in the process, it just doesn't feel right for her to suddenly turn like this, she once locked up her dragons for killing one child......come on this is just poor writing if she truly is like her father then we should have seen more of this side to her as the series progressed, she has had a few moments in the past but these where usually when she had no other option.

And Jon Snow, he seems to now have less balls than Varys, all he does is bow down to Daenerys “You are my queen”, he clearly knows she is losing it but won’t take a stand, come on fella get a grip you were king of the north and lord commander of the Nights Watch step up and do the right thing.

Sound quality was lacking, I cranked up the home cinema with anticipation of an awesome sound spectacle, but found the audio to be very muted with the death and destruction going on we should have seen some huge sub-woofer activity and a lot of usage of the surround speakers with dragons swooping overhead and a city crumbling around our heroes, I’m pretty sure this is down to sky compressing the hell out of the sound track, roll on the blu-ray release with DTS-HD or Dolby HD sound.

I did enjoy the episode overall just some of the writing seemed a little rushed and lazy, with so much riding on this, perhaps I was expecting to much.
I’m still looking forward to the final episode and I think that Arya is going to put an end to Daenyrs.