The final episode of Thrones hit our screens on Sunday finishing of the epic saga (Warning spoilers ahead)

After Daenerys burning down Kings Landing and laying waste to the Golden company what would the aftermath bring and how would the series come to a fitting conclusion.

As the finale opens, Daenerys forces gathering in front of the Red Keep the merciless horde that Robert Baratheon had feared at he start of the series: the uncontrollable Dothraki hordes , the Unsullied standing to attention, an enormous dragon swooping above the smoking ruins of King's Landing. And Daenerys Targaryen standing over it all, the queen of fire and blood, declaring war on the world so she can break the wheel and bring freedom to all..

If ever there was a character in the series who had fallen from grace it's her, dispensing her form of fiery justice to friends and foes alike she's completely derailed, bonkers and power mad, Jon and Tyrion know this but would they take the ultimate steep.

"Because I know what is good." - Daenerys Targaryen

Tyrion is thrown in the dungeons for setting his brother free leading to a very interesting conversation with Jon about duty and love prompting Jon to reevaluate what Daenerys has become and what she will go on to do.

game of thrones tyrion

Years ago in the House of the Undying, Daenerys had a vision: She entered the ruins of the Red Keep, snow gently falling through the hole in it's shattered vaulted roof, and stood in front of the Iron Throne. She touched one of the melted swords making up the throne and then walked into the next room where her dead husband and child were waiting for her. "Maybe I'm dead and I just don't know it yet," she said.

In a nearly identical shot Daenerys walks into the shattered throne room before her reign comes to an end at the hands of Jon, was this foresight that she would be rejoining them when the time came around ?

Drogon the last surviving dragon didn't take to kindly to his mothers death, I honestly thought he was going to turn Jon into a crisp but instead vent his wraith on the throne room with the iron throne being melted to slag before taking of with Daenerys' corpse leaving a power vacuum and the one big question who would rule the seven kingdoms now ?

The second part of the episode concerned who should be crowned king, the major players gathered round and discussed the issue but couldn't come up with a sensible proposal, until Tyrion put forward Bran as the future king, I think this is a great idea as Bran has no concern for power or privilege and sees all that has gone before so shouldn't make he mistakes the rulers of the past have made.

Greyworm didn't take this to well and I was expecting him to make a move and attempt to kill Jon, you could see the anger in his eyes but he had to let this pass, instead packing up the Unsullied and heading of to start their own kingdom across the seas.

game of thrones jon vs greyworm

The closing moments saw the main characters heading there separate ways, Jon back to the wall, Sansa queen of the north, Arya heading west and Tyrion serving as Hand of the King to Bran.

The small council gathered with some new appointments, Bron, Davos, Samwell , Tyrion and Brienne in probably one of the funniest scenes in the season with Bron decrying the damage to the local brothels and deminding coin to fix them up.

All told I was impressed by the final episode, managing to wrap up all the loose ends and put an end to the and Targaryen bloodline, an almighty epic comes to a fitting conclusion, the only problem is what am I going to watch on a Monday night now.