More storage for the server required, Ironwolf to the rescue.

Some of you may be aware that I run a Plex server for my media centre at home, the only trouble is blu-ray rips take up a fair amount of space and eventually I started to run out of space.

After much soul searching and a fair bit of analysis I narrowed down my options to the following:-

  1. Resurrect my old RN-204 NAS box
  2. Add a new NAS box to host plex on
  3. Add some more hard drive to the Plex server

Option 1 was risky I had my NAS corrupt 10 gigabytes of data once so didn't fancy doing this and risking having to re-rip my entire blu-ry collection.

Option 2 would give me a shiny mew toy to play with but still has the same risks as number 1.

Option 3 seemed to be the best without having to risk a lot of data as my server runs runs drivepool (which duplicates data across drives)the  added bonus to this would be my older 4 gig hard drives could be re-used in the old NAS but I wouldn't risk a lot of data on it just as a back up.

So I ordered two 10 terabyte ironwolf hard drives from scan and spent a lot of the weekend running data synch jobs, but I'm now sitting pretty on 30 tb duplicated media with another 10 tb back up area on the old NAS.

Although I keep pondering switching the 10 tb drives into the NAS to give me 30 tb on the NAS and 18 tb on the server.