Hi folks sorry it's been a couple of weeks since my last update.

I've been so busy with the Christmas season upon us, parties, work and a trip to Brugge gobble up time.

So this week a few of us had a bash at Mansions of Madness down at Entoyment, it's been a long while since we played (last may as I recall), we picked Astral Alchemy as the scenario and got cracking.

Things went pretty well dispatching all kinds of mythos beasts and picking up the required items that the NPC Delphinia needed, we got a little to cocky and though we had another turn left to complete the scenario, but as any canny investigator knows any mythos game can bite back and it did, our time ran out and the laboratory went up in smoke ending the game in our defeat.

I did pick up Horrific Journeys and this looks like a fun expansion adding in spatial rifts and flood effects to the game.

horrofic journeys