Today is Russian recruitment drive as I try to get the following assembled, I will update Monday so we can see how far I got!

I'm currently plugging away at painting my Feldherrnhalle Panzerkompanie and ,making great progress the panthers and jagdpanzers have been base/camo coated with decals added and not just need washing and detailing to finish them.

Well manage to get listed up a whole shed load of old Warhammer 40,000 stuff tonight, think I have taken about a hundred photos tonight, I redid the sherman platoon images as well.

Just rooting about on my PC and found all the photos from a visit to the Imperial War Museum in london from 2011.

With the upcoming Hobbit movie Games Workshop have been releasing some miniatures to tie in with it.

 Actor Clive Dunn OBE, best known for his role as Lance Corporal "Jonesy" Jones in Dad's Army, has died aged 92 following complications after a operation.

That's right you heard me , that was General Anthony McAuliffe infamous response to the Germans demands of American surrender. It also seems to aptly be the title for the next Flames of War source book.

So a lot of new photos for my current auctions got completed yesterday.

Well not to bad a weekend my 0.3mm nozzle arrived for my Iwata Airbrush so I was able to give it a go trying to create really fine camo patterns on some German 15mm vehicles, great lines but I was struggling a  bit with paint drying on the needle tip so will look into getting some drying retarder to see if this helps.

Yup time for another GW bashing rant, having been a long term customer of theirs (since the 1st release of Warhammer 40,000 no less) I feel that the company has just become profit orientated to the detriment of the customers.

I have given the site a major make over as it was becoming cumbersome to maintain from a back end point of view which made me dis-inclined to actually post updates or apply patches but that's old news now we have a snazzy new site and look.

Well finally getting myself sorted out and into regularly updating the site (about time to I hear you cry!).

I have been really busy painting and made huge inroads on my Russian horde , images coming soon once I get them all based.

Sorry for the lack of updates I just don't seem to get round to writing up articles at the moment.

But I have been busy painting a whole heap of stuff for myself and for eBay, I have nearly finished my 2000 point German Grenadier only a couple of command squads left to finish.

Don't worry folks I'm still here just been a busy couple of weeks, but the posty did deliver me a nice big heavy box.

Amazing what you can get of the tinternet isn't it?

Well this week its been pretty busy on the painting desk.

A lot of allied armour and artillery is nearing completion.

Well got all the flames of war stuff prepped ready for detailing , quite a daunting task!