"Along the shore the cloud waves break,

The twin suns sink behind the lake,

The shadows lengthen

In Carcosa."

- "Cassilda's Song" in The King in Yellow Act 1, Scene 2

Players and Characters


Daisy Walker


Leo Anderson


Sefina Rousseau


Father Mateo

Campaign Notes

Conviction - 4

Doubt - 1

The stranger is on to us - Daisy has the Man in the Pallid mask in her deck

Chasing the stranger - 6

VIPs interviewed 

  • Constance Dumaine
  • Ishmaru Haruko
  • Sebastian Moreau
  • Ashleigh Clarke

VIPs slain

  • Constance Dumaine
  • Ishmaru Haruko
  • Jordan Perry
  • Sebastian Moreau
  • Ashleigh Clarke

We took the Onyx Clasp

The investigators escaped the asylum

We heeded Daniel's warning

We found Nigel's home

We entered the catacombs on our own

We opened a secret Passage

We know the site of the gate

We opened the path below

Prologueahc11 art curtaincall

"You turn over the folded program in your hand, reading it for what seems like the hundredth time. “Miskatonic Playhouse presents: The King inYellow,” it reads. “A special one-night engagement at Arkham’s very own Ward Theatre.

An irresistible drama in two acts. Production staged and directed by Nigel Engram.” The cast is a small ensemble, with one unattributed credit at the end: “The Stranger.”
To have such a highly anticipated play come to Arkham all the way from Paris is a noteworthy event, even if it is just for one night.

For weeks leading up to the show, it was the talk of the town. It seemed so unassuming…and yet, you have evidence something sinister is at work. It started with the disappearance of one of the stagehands at the theatre—a boy of only seventeen who missed rehearsal one night and was never seen again.

Then, less than two weeks before the performance, there was the musician whose corpse was found with a gun in its mouth.

Perhaps most chilling was the crazed man the coppers had picked up in Independence Square who had been ranting and raving about the “King’s return.” He was brought to Arkham Asylum, and you were surprised to discover that he was not alone in his delusions.

Finding these events suspicious, you and your companions have delved deeper into the matter. Although no connection can be proven, these weren’t the only strange events surrounding the up-and-coming play. Instances of suicide and madness have followed in its wake, and you are determined to discover why.

The lights in the auditorium dim, and a spotlight shines on the stage. What unfolds is not quite what you expected. Slow-paced and monotonous, the first act of The King in Yellow is a tedious bore.

The setting and characters are compelling, but the meandering and nonsensical story does little to entertain or inform. You begin to wonder whether the dreadful events surrounding The King in Yellow aren’t connected, after all. Perhaps it was just your overactive imagination; how could such a trivial and unassuming show cause such

You are surprised when the first act closes without any rising action or revelation. The lights rise for the intermission, and you consider leaving early, stifling a yawn. Before you are able to decide, however, you find yourself drifting…drifting…to sleep."

Scenario I: Curtain Callbackstage

"You awaken with a start, as though shaken by an unseen force. You must have slept for quite some time, for there are only a few other patrons in the audience, and no performers on stage.

The lights are dimmed, and the stage curtains are tattered and ripped, though you do not remember that being the case during the first act.

You wait a moment before you are sure this isn’t part of the performance. As you wait, a foul but unrecognizable smell permeates the air. How long have you been asleep?

Shaking off your drowsiness, you walk toward one of the seated patrons and ask for the time, but he does not respond. It is then that you realize you are speaking to a corpse"


The investigators had it pretty easy, hoovering up clues and dealing with monsters as they spawned, Daisy had two encounters with the Man in the Pallid Mask which she easily cleared (even though the other players said she bored him to death.

Leo got busy with his dynamite taking down the Emissary which spawned in the main theatre leaving the place in ruins.

Resolution 1

Fleeing from the theatre, you head straight to the police station in Easttown. Bursting through the door, to the stares of onlookers and police officers alike, you demand to see Sheriff Engle, stressing the importance of your visit.

The desk sergeant, who is lazily working through a stack of paperwork,shakes his head and raises a finger in silence, then points to a nearby chair. The wait is excruciating. Every moment is an eternity. The hands of the nearby clock crawl. You drum your fingers on the desk. You tap your feet. You constantly peer over your shoulder to make sure the pallid mask of the Stranger is not watching you through the front window. Finally, the desk sergeant puts his pen down and sits up, beckoning you. “Alright, what’s so important now?” You are only halfway through your explanation of the night’s events when he sighs and shakes his head.

Look, if this is some kind of joke, it ain’t funny,” he says. “We had officers downtown all night. Don’t try to feed me some hooey straight to my face.

You insist, but the desk sergeant rises to his feet and opens the door, motioning for you to leave.

He raises his voice. “What, you think we’re not busy enough or something? Beat it!” He mumbles about “blind birds” behind your back as he escorts you out of the station.

You know what you saw earlier that night. Frustrated, you head back to the Ward Theatre to find some kind of proof you can take to the police. You are surprised to find that the front door of the theatre is locked. You are about to decide whether or not to break down the door when you see a notice on the wall near the entrance. “Don’t be a wet blanket! Come to The King in Yellow cast party. 8pm, at the home of Constance Dumaine, 1452 Atlantic Avenue. Formal dress only.” You tear the notice from the wall and fold it into your coat pocket, hoping it will lead you to the answers you seek.

Scenario 2: The King in Yellow

ahc11 art constancedumaine

If anyone has the answers to the questions that burn in your mind, it’s the cast and crew of The King in Yellow. With no other leads to pursue, you put on your best clothes and head to 1452 Atlantic Avenue, where a woman named Constance Dumaine is hosting an event in celebration of the play’s one-night engagement in Arkham.Aashleigh Clark Monster


A pretty good scenario, daisy was nearly killed when one of the guests transformed into a Elite creature but Leo managed to come in and take the heat.

The investigators managed to clear twenty nine of the thirty clues from the guests before they started to transformed, they managed to slay all the transformed guests and several maniacs who appeared.

The man in the pallid mask turned up twice to be bored to death once by Daisy and once by Sefina.

We did loose track of the agenda and should have left the party earlier so this will probably come back and bite us again at some point.

Resolution 3

Several days later, you find yourself reminiscing about the party you attended at 1452 Atlantic Avenue. What a roaring good time you had! And yet, your
memory is hazy. You can’t help but feel you are forgetting something important. Something about the play you’d watched earlier that night—The King in Yellow. That
nagging sensation pursues you in every waking moment. Try as you might to recall the night’s events in full, there remains a gaping hole in your memory. As you strain to remember, your concern grows, almost to the point of obsession. Deciding that you absolutely must know what occurred that night, you head toward the manor of the Historical Society in Southside. Perhap

Scenario III: Echoes of the Past

Your head throbs with a dull ache as you drive through the rainy streets of Arkham toward your next destination. The threat of the Stranger looms in your mind, and you find yourself glancing often at your rear-view mirror, expecting to see the expressionless visage of his mask haunting you.

Instead, you see nothing but the misty, starless night, and the deserted road behind you. Your thoughts once again wander, as they have often in the past few hours,
to The King in Yellow and to the city of Carcosa and its inhabitants.

What was the message hidden inside that awful play, the meaning within its madness? A lone detail worms its way to the forefront of your thoughts, one made apparent by the discussions you’d overheard at Ms. Dumaine’s estate—that tonight’s performance of The King in Yellow was not the first Arkham had seen of the foul play. There had been at least one other performance, directed by the same man: Nigel Engram.

There is one place in Arkham where records are often kept of important events occuring within the city: the Historical Society’s manor house in Southside. If there are any records of the previous show of The King in Yellow, the Historical Society may have held onto them. Perhaps there you will find answers to the questions that burn in your mind.

Sebastien’s Information: You recall what Sebastien told you during the dinner party. The King in Yellow had come to Arkham several decades ago, long before the Ward Theatre was built.

According to him, it isn’t surprising that few people remember—in fact, part of their goal tonight was to bring The King in Yellow to a wider audience

The Historical Society may have kept records pertaining to this earlier production, especially if it was followed by events similar to what has occurred tonight. Perhaps you can find some newspaper clippings or other articles describing what happened in the past.ahc11 art thingthatfollows


A pretty easy easy scenario, we kept the cultist under control (who all add to the doom counter by various means) and cleared clues, maxing out our victory points total

Resolution 1

There are no coincidences when it comes to The King in Yellow. There is no doubt in your mind that the object you’ve found is important. You decide to take it with you before continuing your investigation.

The last record you find related to the original production of The King in Yellow is a psychiatric evaluation of one Daniel Chesterfield, a stagehand who lost his wits after the final show.

It seems he was admitted to the asylum after the production ended. Perhaps he’s still there…

Scenario IV: The Unspeakable Oathahc13 art asylum

Over the course of the next few days, you delve into the evidence you’ve collected, hoping to find any information regarding Daniel Chesterfield, a stagehand during the previous production of
The King in Yellow. As far as you can tell, he is the only surviving member of that production’s cast and crew. The rest of them—that is, those for whom you can find any records at all—disappeared or died
soon after opening night in a variety of fashions connected only by their morbidness. Freak accidents. Suicides. Vanishings.

It would seem that Daniel is your only lead, if you are to investigate further. According to the records you found, he was admitted to Arkham Asylum many years ago. All documentation about Daniel’s treatment seems to end there. You’re unsure if he’s even still alive. Perhaps he was cured and released. You were hoping to avoid this, but there seems to be only one way to find out.

You collect your belongings and head downtown, towards Arkham Asylum. As you enter the asylum, you stop to speak with the receptionist, though you feel your body urged to step deeper into the clutches of this madhouse. He gives you a confused expression as you tell him of The King in Yellow and of Daniel. But at your insistence, he pores through his file cabinet, eventually pulling out a stark white folder.

Inside is a wealth of information about the patients admitted to the asylum—medical records, psychiatric evaluations, and the like. You recognize a few of the faces as he flips through the pages.

Daniel… Daniel Chesterfield, yes? He is admitted under the special care of Doctor Mintz. But you can’t see him; his level is restricted to staff only.

You argue and insist to be let into the patient wing, knowing that Daniel must hold the key to understanding what is really going on. The receptionist gives a pitying smile and relents, nodding to the security guards nearby. “Oh, of course, of course,” he says with all the honesty of a street peddler.

I will schedule a meeting for you with Doctor Mintz so you can speak with him about Daniel. These gentlemen will see you in.

Relieved that you will soon get the answers you seek, you are escorted into the patient wing of Arkham Asylum…

Constance’s Information: You recall what Constance had told you when you spoke with her during her hellish dinner party. She and the other members of the cast and crew had been told by the director, Nigel Engram, to take some kind of oath. At first, she’d written it off as the whim of an eccentric artist; something Mr. Engram did as a strange formality to unite and strengthen the bonds of the cast and crew.

And to his credit, she claimed that it had worked; ever since they’d taken his strange oath, she and the other members of the troupe felt much more confident and full of spirit. Perhaps Daniel had a similar experience during the last production of The King in Yellow. You must speak with him about this


Not to much of a challenge for us although straigh jackets can be a pain (plus a boon when they reset you weapons ammo!)

Resolution 3

With the asylum staff distracted and patients running amok, you are able to slip away without being noticed. You escape deeper into the garden behind the asylum, where a two-story tall fence topped with barbed wire is all that separates you from the outside world. You have little time, and need to make it far away from the asylum before the guards return and spot you. Using a straitjacket you’d found inside to cover the barbed wire, you scale the fence quickly, breaking into a run as you make it to the other side.

Daniel Did Not Survive: You decide to lay low for some time in Ma’s Boarding House, unsure whether news of the events at the asylum will get out to the general public. You take this time to make extensive notes of the events you’ve experienced thus far, including the brief dialogue between you and Daniel. He’d spoke of The King in Yellow as if it were an actual being, and even named it. “Hastur.” He’d rambled and muttered and screeched other phrases, as well. You doubt you’ll ever forget them.

He made us speak the Oath.daniel

The price was paid.

They are opening the path to Carcosa.

For hours, you think about Daniel’s warning to you, which he begged you to heed: “Do not speak is name.” His final moments play out in your mind over and over again.

The investigators decided to heed his warning

For hours, you struggle with this insight into The King in Yellow. What is true? What is real? Only you can sort through this madness.

Scenario VI: A Phantom of Truth

It has been several weeks since the events in the asylum, and you are still no closer to the truth about The King in Yellow and Carcosa. You have scoured the city for signs of the others Daniel had mentioned—the ones who are “opening the path to Carcosa”—but found nothing.

Either the trail has gone cold, or they’re no longer in Arkham. Perhaps Daniel truly was insane, and you are only following him deeper down the rabbit hole. Every night, you toss and turn as you are subjected to vivid dreams of Carcosa—its black stars, twin suns, shattered moons, and twisted spires.

Dream 1 You fall through the empty abyss of Hali. Creatures of unknown and impossible origin lurk just beyond the darkness of your sight. Hastur looms above you, magnificent and yet bound in his prison of madness, manipulating your torturous descent with a sole outstretched arm

Each investigator has earned the Lost Soul weakness (The Path to Carcosa #227) (does not count toward deck size). Shuffle one copy of this weakness into each investigator’s deck.

Dream 2 Constance takes your hand and pulls you onto the polished dance floor. “Come now, don’t be shy. Tonight is a night for dancing!
For celebration!”

Dream 6 The lights of the theater dim and a spotlight shines on the stage. “Welcome, ladies and gentleman!” the creature exclaims. Its many tentacles reach across the stage, up into the rafters, and throughout the aisles. It tears the curtains down, and tattered red cloth falls over its bulbous form.

Dream 8: You peer in the mirror, and the Stranger peers back at you. His gaze drills into your mind. The mirror shatters.organist

Dream 10: You chase the Stranger up a steep staircase of broken stone, a torrent of rain crashing upon your back as you run. Lighting flashes in the distance. A vortex of swirling black clouds looms above you, threatening to swallow the world whole. The masked man dashes
through a wide set of doors atop the stairs, and you follow close behind. The sound of crashing thunder is muffled as the doors close behind you. Looking up, you see a familiar depiction in stained glass.

"Beautiful, is it not?” the Stranger says quietly.

The investigators must decide (choose one):

  • How could any of this be beautiful to you?” Continue to Dream 11.
  • What exactly am I looking at?” Continue to Dream 12.

We picked dream 11

Dream 11: You avoid looking at the stained glass. If this vile man considers it to be beautiful, it is probably some trap meant to ensnare your mind. You clench your fist until your knuckles are white and step forward to confront the Stranger.

Dream 13: Daniel’s voice calls out to you. “They are opening the path to Carcosa.”



A hard scenario with the organist chasing us about causing chaos, Daisy nearly died and got one point from going insane, Leo had trouble with the organist threatening to melt his feeble mind but we managed to overcome everything in the end

Resolution 1

You can only assume this house belongs to Nigel Engram, the director of The King in Yellow. At last, you have finally found your quarry…and yet, it is little relief to your straining sanity. You feel like a dog being led by a leash, your fate decided by a cruel master who has long kept you in the dark. You push these gloomy thoughts to the back of your mind and knock on Mr. Engram’s door. There is no response but a flock of magpies that scatter from the rooftop at the sudden noise. You try the doorknob, hoping you won’t have to resort to more forceful measures. To your surprise, you find the door unlocked.skull pillar

Inside, Nigel’s home is a mess of notes, old books, and strange diagrams. Covering the coffee table in his living room is an old, faded map, bearing many fold creases and tattered edges. It looks to be an incomplete map of the catacombs beneath Paris, or at least a section of it. The food in his pantry is old and rotten. There is no sign of anyone having lived here for years, and yet the ink upon the living room walls is wet and fresh. Over and over, across nearly every inch of the wallpaper, it reads:

He is already here

Scenario VI: The Pallid Mask

The contents of Nigel Engram’s home answer none of your questions about The King in Yellow, but do hint at where you should head next. The old, tattered map you found on his coffee table depicts a section of the infamous Catacombs of Paris. One particular room on the map has been circled with pen, and next to it is written: “The key to opening the Path lies here!” You swallow your fear and head immediately for the entrance to the catacombs underneath Rue de la Tombe-Issoire.

Just past the archway closest to you, you see a familiar symbol etched into the skull of a sheep: rows of concentric semicircles, lined with exotic runes. Two wavy lines descend from the design, leading into the skull’s lower jawbone. You recognize it as the pattern Haruko had shown you. Wondering why it would appear here, you examine the skull in greater detail. As soon as you touch the underside of the skull’s jawbone, its mouth suddenly opens. Bones collapse to the ground as the wall slides to reveal a new path.


Another tough scneario, to many monsters spawned and we had trouble trying to keep heath up, Leo and the Father Mateo come close to death several times, but we manage to track down the man in the Pallid Mask with Daisy parleying with him (again) and driving him off.

Resolution 1

The burned skull holds the key to everything. You are sure of it. You have tried every method available to you in studying the diagram it bears, but the answer eludes you still.ahc15 art well of souls

You have brought the skull to experts, occultists, and professors. You have even tried speaking with the skull on more than one occasion. Exasperated, you place the skull on your night table and try to get some sleep for the first time since escaping the catacombs. As you fall asleep, you cannot shake the sight of the diagram etched in the skull’s forehead.

You awaken with a spark of inspiration and rush to the Musée du Louvre, a famous Parisian museum housing tens of thousands of paintings, drawings, and archaeological finds. You spend days exploring the museum—every display, every collection, every single object of art that might hold a clue to the diagram’s meaning. Finally, you see it: a painting depicting a beautiful island town weathering a torrential storm.

Waves crash against the stone of the outer wall, the tide threatening to swallow the island whole. Lightning flashes around the tower of the abbey above the village. A whirlwind of black clouds churns in the sky above. The diagram from the burned skull you hold in your hands is recreated perfectly in the stained glass of the abbey. The title of the piece is “The Path Is Open.”

Scenario VII: Black Stars Rising

The island commune of Mont Saint-Michel lies off the northwestern coast of France. It is beautiful, elegant, and enigmatic—a place out of a fairy tale. Only this tale is one of horrors and madness. During low tide, you would be able to reach the island on foot by crossing the tidal causeway that emerges from the sea.

However, by the time you reach the coast, the tide is much higher than you’d anticipated. Dark clouds cover the sky, and a distant crash of thunder signals the start of the oncoming storm. You find a boat whose captain is willing to take you to the island, and prepare for the ritual to come.

You recall the night where this all began, and your thoughts drift to the mesmerizing song Ashleigh sang that night. Somehow you remember the lyrics perfectly after all this time, and its haunting melody is ingrained in your mind. “Above the city the storm clouds rage, and waves crash through the gilded cage… Below the earth the salt water seeps, the shadows fall as the red sun sleeps…” Studying the  land that lies before you, illuminated by flashes of lighting and assaulted by tumultuous waves, you can’t help but wonder if Ashleigh was singing about this very moment.


Pretty tough scenario with some of us nearly going mad, Matt misjudged the route to the church which could have cost us the game if we drew badly in the mythos phase

Resolution 1

You hold your breath as you swim through freezing water toward the spires below. As you get closer, you see ripples throughout the water, as though you are peering into a reflection upon the sea’s surface. You break through the surface and gasp as air fills your lungs.

Scenario VIII: Dim Carcosaahc17 art hastur

You swim to the edge of the water and throw yourself upon the rocky shore, gasping for air. You lie there for some time, utterly exhausted. Every muscle in your body aches.

Before you lies a desolate expanse of plain. In the distance, the alien spires of a warped city rise into the clouds. Behind you, the dark surface of the lake from which you’d emerged reflects the glare of two suns.

When you peer back into the murky depths, you see no sign of the chapel where you’d made the leap, or of Mont Saint-Michel, or even of Earth.
This is Carcosa—the realm of madness in the stars, where Hastur reigns supreme.