"I understand your misgivings, my lord. Truly, I do. It is a terrible thing we must consider, a vile thing. Yet we who presume to rule must sometimes do vile things for the good of the realm"


Faction:  Greyjoy

Agenda: (1)

1x Kings of Winter (Called to Arms) 

Plot: (7)

1x Valar Morghulis (There Is My Claim)
1x Winter Festival (Called to Arms)
1x A Noble Cause (Core Set)
1x A Storm of Swords (Core Set)
1x Wraiths in Their Midst (No Middle Ground)
1x The Long Winter (Wolves of the North)
1x Taxation (Core Set)

Character: (27)

3x Balon Greyjoy (Called to Arms)
3x Aeron Damphair (Core Set)
3x Asha Greyjoy (Core Set)
2x Drowned Men (Core Set)
3x Euron Crow’s Eye (Core Set)
3x Fishwhiskers (Wolves of the North)
3x Iron Islands Fishmonger (Core Set)
1x Maester Wendamyr (Core Set)
1x Newly-Made Lord (The King's Peace)
3x Theon Greyjoy (Core Set)
2x Salty Navigator (Core Set)

Attachment: (6)

3x Fishing Net (The King's Peace)
3x Throwing Axe (Core Set)

Event: (7)

3x Relentless Assault (Tyrion's Chain)
3x Risen from the Sea (Core Set)
1x Put to the Sword (Core Set)

Location: (20)

3x The Kingsroad (Core Set)
3x The Roseroad (Core Set)
1x Great Kraken (Core Set)
3x Iron Fleet Scout (Core Set)
3x Iron Mines (Calm Over Westeros)
1x Old Wyk (Lions of Casterly Rock)
1x Raiding Longship (The Road to Winterfell)
3x Sea Tower (Core Set)
2x The Seastone Chair (Taking the Black)