"I understand your misgivings, my lord. Truly, I do. It is a terrible thing we must consider, a vile thing. Yet we who presume to rule must sometimes do vile things for the good of the realm"


Total Cards: (62)


Agenda: (1)
1x Kings of Summer (Called to Arms)

Plot: (7)
1x Calm Over Westeros (Core Set)
1x Confiscation (Core Set)
2x Summer Harvest (Called to Arms)
1x A Song of Summer (Wolves of the North)
1x Time of Plenty (Lions of Casterly Rock)
1x Calling the Banners (Core Set)

Character: (27)
1x Arianne Martell (Core Set)
3x Desert Scavenger (Core Set)
3x Doran Martell (Core Set)
2x Elia Sand (There Is My Claim)
3x Greenblood Trader (Core Set)
3x Nymeria Sand (The Road to Winterfell)
1x Quentyn Martell (Wolves of the North)
3x Palace Spearman (Core Set)
2x Ricasso (All Men Are Fools)
3x The Red Viper (Core Set)
1x Trystane Martell (Lions of Casterly Rock)
2x Tyene Sand (True Steel)

Attachment: (9)
1x Condemned (No Middle Ground)
1x Dawn (Core Set)
1x Imprisoned (True Steel)
2x Venomous Blade (Called to Arms)
1x Bodyguard (Core Set)
2x Milk of the Poppy (Core Set)
1x Seal of the Hand (Core Set)

Event: (13)
2x Doran’s Game (Core Set)
1x His Viper Eyes (Wolves of the North)
2x In Doran’s Name (The Road to Winterfell)
2x The Prince’s Plan (All Men Are Fools)
3x Vengeance for Elia (Calm Over Westeros)
3x You Murdered Her Children (Lions of Casterly Rock)

Location: (13)
3x Blood Orange Grove (Core Set)
1x Ghaston Grey (Core Set)
1x Sunspear (Core Set)
2x Tower of the Sun (Across the Seven Kingdoms)
3x The Roseroad (Core Set)
3x The Kingsroad (Core Set)