Stabebit Drivepool UI

Drivepool is a PC program that combines multiple physical hard drives into one large virtual drive.

Drivepool is a PC program made by Covecube, in a nutshell it allows you to "pool" together multiple hard drive on your pc into one giant drive.

Why would you want to do this I hear you ask, simple by pooling your hard drives they act as one mapped drive in windows allowing you to just dump files onto the pool and drivepool will allocate them to differing disks, so you don't run out of room on one drive and have to split your folders up, this is invaluable if you run a media server.

Some of the features offered by drivepool include

  • The ability to create duplicates of data on differing drives as a fail-safe in case one drive fails
  • Rules so that files or folders are only allocated to a specific drive
  • Ability to add more drives to the pool at any time increasing its size
  • Ability to remove discs at anytime
  • Pooled Data is Stored in Standard NTFS Files

I've been using drivepool for about two years now and it's an amazing program, the ability to merge all my 10 TB drives into one pool with duplicated data, which is fantastic to have 30 TB pool for my media server.

As an added bonus when you purchase drivepool you get the scanner software thrown in, this checks drive integrity and will warn of potential drive issues, when partnered with drivepool it will also move data from failing drives onto other drives within the pool helping to preserve your data if the worst happens

[block4]Summing Up[/block4]

8 stars- Overall