[leading]Hard drives are getting full time for an upgrade to the trusty old Plex server, but the cost of drives are high at the moment what other options do I have?[/leading]


[leading]Episode 5 hit with the siege of Kings Landing, was it worth the wait ? (Warning spoilers ahead[/leading]

[leading]Ridley Scott's classic 1979 sci-fi horror is now available in 4k, that's this weekend's movie viewing sorted.[/leading]

[leading]So could they reverse Thanos snap, where was Hawkeye and what was Antman doing in the quantum realm? [/leading]

The forgotten age

[leading]Tuesday at Entoyment saw us continuing our Arkham Horror forgotten age campaign.[/leading]

[leading]Tuesday night was spent at Enoyment playing in our ongoing Warhammer fantasy campaign[/leading]

Battlefield V firestorm
[leading]The Firestorm update hit on Monday and I've played a few rounds[/leading]
HDFury vertex

[leading]4k and HDR on my kit was a point until I got a Vertex.[/leading]

[leading]That's right I joined the console boys![/leading]

[leading]Wow first time down at entoyment since last year with the usual suspects.[/leading]