[leading]So I took the plunge and got some titans.[/leading]

[leading]Yay finally I managed to get 4k HDR working on my HTPC.[/leading]

[leading]Cthulhu rears his ugly head in Eldritch Horror, hosted by Poole Gaming Society down at Entoyment.[/leading]

[leading]Wow HDR on pc is a complete mess[/leading]

[leading]So 4k on a htpc for games and movies sounds great right, all the kit is compliant so what could possibly go wrong.[/leading]

So over the last few years I've been getting into the HTPC (home theatre PC), it's been a rocky road and I've learnt a great many things on the journey.

[leading]Tuesday night gaming session playing Eldritch Horror at Entoyment.[/leading]

[leading]Jeez it has been a long time since i regularly updated this site but I am going to try my hardest to keep it fresh this time.[/leading]

[leading]Well happy new year to everyone.[/leading]

[leading]Wow it's been a while so apologies for not up[dating time flies when you having fun![/leading]