[leading]One of the largest battles of WWII, this book covers it in some detail.[/leading]

Sitting on the bus in the morning is rather boring so I get a fair amount of reading done each day on the way to work, but having run out of new material to read I decided to get a few books about on of the biggest battles of World War II .

The blurb on Amazon reads

"5th July 1943: the greatest land battle of all time began around the town of Kursk in Russia. This epic confrontation between German and Soviet forces was one of the most important military engagements in history and epitomized 'total war'.It was also one of the most bloody, characterized by hideous excess and outrageous atrocities. The battle concluded with Germany having incurred nearly three million dead and the Soviet Union a staggering ten million. It was a monumental and decisive encounter of breathtaking intensity which became a turning point, not only on the Eastern Front, but in the Second World War as a whole. Using the very latest available archival material including the testimonies of veterans and providing strategic perspective alongside personal stories of front line fighting, Lloyd Clark has written a lucid, enthralling and heart-stopping account of this incredible battle."

I have to say I totally agree with that, it was a great read and kept me wanting to read more, the only thing I would like to have seen would be more details on the build up of forces preceding the actual combat, overall though a great read if you are interested in learning more about on of the biggest battles in modern history and a turning point in World War 2.

[block4]Summing Up[/block4]

9star- Overall